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Chipettes and chipmunks story
A jenette and Simon love story.

"I don't like this!" Theodore whispered.

"Shh!" was Alvin's reply.

Alvin Seville had enough to worry about already. If Dave by any chance happened to go upstairs and into the room he shared with his brothers, and found they were missing at 2:00 in the morning, they would be in HUGE trouble. It didn't help that the Chipettes were supposed to be babysitting Miss Miller's niece, Hailey. Brittany had insisted upon coming, and naturally, Eleanor had refused to let her go without her. Jeanette had then felt compelled to follow them, and of course, Hailey had to come with, or they'd be busted (as the world's most intelligent two-year-old, she had sensed something was up when the girls tried to sneak out and started crying.).

"I really don't like this!" Theodore repeated, his voice rising to a whimper. He grabbed Simon's hand… Oops. It wasn't Simon.

Eleanor smiled at him, slightly embarrassed. Theodore was glad it was dark, because he was blushing furiously.

"What exactly are we coming out here for?" Jeanette asked nervously. Hailey was holding her hand, and looked fascinated by her surroundings. Alvin silently thanked God that Hailey was leaving tomorrow. She was definitely not his favorite little girl. Simon, on the other hand, worshiped her. He shook his head and answered Jeanette.

"Someone moved into that old house near the park. There's something weird about him."

"What might that be, Alvin?" Simon asked. With Alvin, "weird" could mean anything from green skin and fish scales to eating ketchup with their ice cream. Alvin smiled.

"You'll see," he replied. They walked a while longer, and Theodore jumped at the slightest noises- a twig snapping, the sound of Hailey taking her thumb out of her mouth…

"There it is!" Alvin told his band of chipmunks. The house was large, bigger than anything Simon-or anyone, for that matter- had seen in his life. No lights were on. Alvin approached it.

"Alvin Seville! What do you think you're doing?"

Simon grabbed his brother's arm. Alvin tugged it away.

"Nothing! I wasn't doing anything!"

"You were going to go look in the windows."

"No! I-"

Alvin was beaten. He had planned on doing that, but there was no way he was admitting it. Hailey broke the silence.

"Dog!" she squealed. "Shh!" Alvin hissed. "Dog! Big dog!" Hailey sounded curious and a little nervous. Slowly, the six chipmunks turned around.

"That's right, Hailey…" Brittany's voice shook. "Very… Big… Dog…"

Alvin wouldn't call it a dog. More like a… Wolf. A beast. A monster. Saliva hung from its mouth, and it breathed very heavily. Jeanette made an involuntary movement towards Hailey, as if to protect her. The huge dog struck.

It all happened very fast. It knocked Hailey away from Jeanette, and for one horrible moment, everyone thought it was going to attack the baby. It than decided that Jeanette looked more appetizing, and jumped on her. It sank it's fangs into her side. The Chipette let out a piercing shriek.

"You guys, go!" Simon ordered. They wasted no time doing so. Brittany scooped Hailey up and sprinted across the yard. Alvin, Theodore, and Eleanor followed suit.

Simon grabbed the dog by the neck and attempted to pull it off of his friend. It did little good. However, the creature did notice the skinny chipmunk yanking on him, and rounded on Simon. In one powerful leap, it had pinned him to the ground. Jeanette scrambled to her feet, blood seeping from her side, and tore up a tree. At first, Simon had no idea what she was doing. He closed his eyes and braced himself.

Jeanette pulled her shoe off and chucked it at the dog. Time seemed to slow. The purple sneaker collided with the dog's head, and it fell over, unconscious.

Jeanette climbed down and helped Simon up. Her heart was beating rapidly, and her side hurt tremendously.

Simon had one thing to say. "Thank you." Jeanette tried to smile.

"We'd better go back." Simon took Jeanette's hand. She was trembling.

Simon looked up at the sky. A full moon. He tried to force a crazy idea out of his mind. This COULDN'T have been… Could it?

Jeanette woke up at 9:00 the next day. Her first thought was, I wonder why my alarm didn't go off. Her second thought was, Oh my gosh! I'm going to be late for school!

She jumped out of bed. Brittany and Eleanor were already up. Jeanette gritted her teeth. Why hadn't anyone woke her?

Jeanette walked to her dresser and opened the drawer. She was about to pick out her usual blue turtleneck and purple skirt, when something else caught her eye. A lilac purple t-shirt that she had only worn a few times in her life. She picked it up and saw something else. A denim mini-skirt. It wasn't immodestly short, but short enough to qualify for a mini-skirt. Jeanette thought it would look perfect with the t-shirt.

She got dressed and began to put her hair into its usual bun when an idea hit her. Why not braid it? She sat down in front of the vanity and pulled her hair behind her head.

Braiding hair- let alone her own- was a tedious job. When she had finished, the clock said 9:32. Almost panicking, she took the stairs two at a time. What she saw at the bottom infuriated her.

Her sisters were still in their pajamas! At nine-thirty!

"Why isn't anyone getting ready for school?" she asked, a little louder than necessary. Eleanor swallowed some pancake and replied, "Relax, Jeanette, school doesn't start until 11:00 today. Don't you remember?" Jeanette nodded, feeling a little silly. She sat down and poured herself some cereal. She took a bite.


Jeanette forced her food down, but didn't dare take another bite. It tasted weird. As if someone had forgotten to put something in it.

"So… I guess you're not going to finish that?" Eleanor asked. Jeanette pushed it towards her.

"Enjoy," she sighed. Eleanor took it and put a spoonful in her mouth. Hailey waddled into the kitchen.

"Jeanette!" she shrieked. Jeanette smiled and picked her up. Hailey looked at her for a moment and started to squirm.

"You wanna get down?" Jeanette cooed. She set her down and the little girl ran into the living room. Brittany looked at her curiously.

"You did something with your hair," she commented as she buttered her toast.

"Huh?" Jeanette reached up and touched her head. "Oh yeah," she said.

"It looks pretty," Brittany told her. "Any specific reason you're suddenly interested in how your hair looks?"

"Hee-ho yi do dy ting dihentee humtime," said Eleanor through a mouthful of cereal. Brittany rolled her eyes. "Say it, don't spray it, Ellie." Eleanor swallowed loudly and said, "People like to try things differently sometimes."

"Sure," Brittany smirked.

Jeanette's stomach growled, but nothing Miss Miller had set on the table looked appetizing. Except… No. She wouldn't eat that. Breakfast sausages. Eww.

The rest of the morning dragged by slowly. Eleanor couldn't find her other shoe, but Jeanette located it under her bed. Brittany screamed when she saw a mouse drowned in the toilet. Eleanor almost threw up.

Finally, the doorbell rang. The boys were here to walk them to school. Jeanette grabbed her backpack.

"Have a good day, girls!" called Miss Miller.

"We will!" the Chipettes said, almost automatically. Outside, Simon and Alvin were arguing about something.

"Alvin, you can't see the Equator. It's not really there," said Simon impatiently. Alvin rolled his eyes.

"You can! Otherwise, why would anyone mention it at all?"

"Hello, boys," Jeanette said, smiling brightly. Simon looked like he had just noticed that she was there. He ran a hand through his hair.

"Hi, Jeanette…" He sounded
nervous. Like he was expecting something. Alvin looked scared. "Is something wrong?" asked Jeanette. Simon and Alvin
exchanged a troubled glance. Alvin nodded slowly. Simon said, "Well, actually, yes."

He then answered Jeanette's unasked question; "I'll tell you later."

Jenette Pov:

Eleanor had been watching them, barely paying attention to the fact that Theodore was talking to her. Something was wrong. Something that couldn't be ignored. Simon didn't freak out about just anything. He was afraid something was up, than it most certainly was.
Alvin walked with Britney and theo  with elie however me and Simon didn't talk at all. Simon kept on staring at me as if something was killing him. Suddenly I got a wierd feeling and felt scared. I looked at Simon and just went to Britney. Britney was arguing with Alvin on who was cuter. Suddenly I noticed that my heart was beating really fast. " Jenette  what's wrong you look...." I stopes and looked around. My head was a pain and coudnt help but just to sit down and cry. Simon looked at me and went to me. He didn't say anything just sat next to me. Britney and Ellie went to me and had no idea what was going on. I didnt know either but my waist was just so hurt and I couldn't move. "Jenette  are u alright!" Alvin said to me. "no I don't know!" I yelled. Simon looked at me and held my hand. "Theo go call Dave!" Simon said to him demanding. I never knew how much care Simon could have for me. Alvin and Theo got out the cell and called Dave. "Dave hi we need help." I heard Theo say. " it jenette!" theo said worried. They hung up the phone and quickly went to tell . Suddenly Dave s car appeared. " Jenette! U ok!" Dave got out of his car. " I don't know!" I said crying. Dave picked me up and noticed the my waist was bleeding." oh no quick all of u in the car now! Jenette get in! He put all of us in the car and sat me next to Simon. Simon tried to make me feel better by petting my back and holding my hand. " jenette what happened why are u bleeding!" Dave said as he drove quickly to the hospital. " I .... I don't remember all I know is that the dog got Simon and I could t just satnd there!" I said fruit to calm myself down. Simon looked at me as a wierd look. Simon: she cared for me... What I can't tell her how I feel I don't know what I feel.
Well after i watched Chipwrecked i wondered what would happen next with simon and Jenette. Please like or comment. I worked so hard. :)
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